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Cashless Training

Intensive Consulting for Cashless Quandary


Our Training Program for your existing Cashless Team includes

  •  A tailor made multi-layered user friendly SOP for seamless and professional cashless operation.
  • Training of existing employees on Insurance, MIS, documentation and     following up on claim status and payments.
  • How to handle customer queries and grievances related to insurance.
  • What to collect from patients before discharge for minimal loss.
  • How to maintain a real time robust MIS to be shared with accounts  and   top management.  

The Benefits of Cashless Training

  • Trained personal manning Cashless Desk and handling receivables.
  • Loss Minimisation.
  • Minimisation of TAT for payment.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Reputation in Hospital Fraternity
  • Steady flow of revenue.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Utilisation of existing manpower
  • Realisation of maximum payment within 30 days of despatch for  selected insurers. 
  • Operations backed by a system oriented process flow. 
  • No added expenditure on infrastructure development.
  • Ensuring compliance of set process flow through regular audit,if required.