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Cashless Operations

Bringing Total Harmony, Proper Transparency and Technical Skills to  the Process


The service provider and Insurance companies share a completely inharmonious relationship. This leads to issues you might be facing .

Unfortunately it is always the Hospitals that take the major brunt  of customer dissatisfaction.

The current system of enhancement of the prior approval is chaotic and unsystematic.  
This leads to quite a few hindrances for the hospitals :

  • Delay In Approval 
  • Ambiguous Invoicing 
  • Undefined Documentation 
  • Increasing Outstanding 
  • Mismanaged Customer Handling.    

We at Panacea Associates offer you the solutions :

We have developed a Training Module and Process to bring a dynamic change in the current cashless management scenario and offer the following :

  • Customer Satifaction  
  • Well Defined Documentation
  • Transparent Invoicing 
  • Expected Returns
  • Minimisation of Loss
  • MIS Generation 
  • Analysis and Solutions for Current Outstanding
  • Faster and Assured Enhancement

Our pristine clients include :  

Belle Vue Clinic 

Priyamvada Birla Aravind Eye Hospital

Peerless Hospital

Medica Superspecialty Hospital

Baroma Sirona Hospital